No Growth in Patent Filings in Pittsburgh for 2010

by: Henry M. Sneath, a partner at Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C. ( )

Pittsburgh should be a magnet for patent filings given the Federal Local Patent Rules which were promulgated at the request of the Western District Federal bench. These rules give litigants a decent potential for a fairly quick ride through the docket and the judges here are comfortable in presiding over patent litigation and using these rules. Nonetheless, 2010 saw no growth in the number of patent filings in the Western District Court. There were 18 patent cases filed in 2010 and this is right in the range of the number of cases filed in recent years. We seem stuck in the range of 18 – 20 cases per year. There were a few false marking cases filed and some of the 18 cases were disposed of quickly through withdrawal or early settlement. Lucky for someone on those cases that went away quickly. In the days ahead, we will report more on cases filed here in Pittsburgh.

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