Video Resources

PSMN’s Intellectual Property Practice

Here is a video describing some of the intellectual property work that Picadio Sneath does for its clients. For more information, see our firm’s IP web page.

PSMN’s Intellectual Property Audit Work

This video describes the importance of conducting intellectual property audits.

PSMN’s Patent Practice

This video describes some of the work that PSMN does in the patent area.

PSMN’s Copyright and Trademark Practice

This video describes some of the work PSMN does in the copyright and trademark areas.

Henry Sneath Interviewed Regarding State of Patent Litigation

Posted by Henry M. Sneath principal and shareholder at Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C. in Pittsburgh, Pa.

I was recently interviewed by Levick Strategic Communication in Washington, DC about general patent litigation issues and the current state of patent litigation for businesses. Here is the link to the Bulletproof Blog at Levick Strategic Communications in Washington DC.

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